Friday, 16 September 2016

Planning Day 2016

On Planning Day,we worked on a Google Sheet and planned out activities for next year. Some of us suggested watching movies, stargazing sessions and overseas trips. I suggested watching more movies in the Sheet. If only we could plan more, I can't wait to be a senior so I can be in charge with more things.

RI Astronite 2016

The trip to RI on 19 August made everyone excited. We were waiting to get our hands on the telescopes and most of us were noisy at first. When it was finally time, we all rushed outside and we got the equipment ready in no time. In the end we were all satisfied and the Kahoot we did was very challenging(For me)

Solar Eclipse 2016

The solar eclipse that occured on 9 March was viewed with awe by SST Staffs and Students alike. This event was witnessed at around 8-9am in the morning as hundreds flooded onto the roof of Block B and immediately took pictures of this phenomenon. For those who haven't witnessed this event before,it was truly and eye opener. If you want more information on this phenomenon,pls visit this page: